Produits de notre récolte


Ecological harvest vision

There must be a balance in nature between the needs of humans and insects. These insects however, as small they may be, are of vital importance to our existence.

That being said, while producing the purest fruit as possible we also want to protect the fruits of our crops against certain pests or fungi that could destroy an entire crop by number or quality.

Since the very beginning of the orchard, Mr. Labonté had made a considerable effort to keep a proper balance between insect pests and predators using different techniques, some natural or other chemicals.

When I came into the apple business I got help from various agronomists to support us in maintenance of integrated fruit orchard culture using traps for testing and applying the softest products to both the user and the environment. To my surprise, little information on organic apples existed in 2003 despite strong interest in wanting to turn everything quickly. That is why we have participated without hesitation in the past years in research projects to test physical techniques to control certain insects and costs to the earth. We now continue in this direction every year.

In recent years, we have been importing manure in our orchard and work with some cities in order to feed the earth by ramial chip wood (RCW) hoping to eventually eliminate the chemical contribution to the earth.

In addition, we are very proud of the organic garden established this year to provide good and healthy foods that will end up in the plates of the little bistro du Verger.