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Grain fed chicken


In collaboration with the Ferme Linor, the Verger Labonté offers chickens and turkeys reared outdoors in the respect of nature, grain-fed without antibiotics, nor sip of water.

By reservation only. Online, at the ship or by phone. Trying is adopting. 




Whole chicken $3,18/lb – $7,00/kg
Boneless breast (pack of 2) $7,75/lb – $19,00/kg
Sausages (Pack of 5) $10-13
Creton $6,00
Turkey (Available on October and December) $3,61/lb – $7,95/kg

Varieties of sausages
Portuguese, shallots and white wine, herbs, tomatoes and basil, sweet and sour BBQ.

*All products are frozen *




March, 19th March, 24th
 May, 19th May, 27th: 10:00 to 3:00 p.m
August To confirm
September To confirm
October To confirm
December To confirm

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