Orchard story and mission

The Labonté Orchard  was created in 1989 by Claude and Diane Labonté. Roughly 2000 trees have been planted since then, among which are ten varieties of apples and a few pear trees. Each year, several varieties of pumpkin and ornamental squash are planted and made available for picking. Throughout the years, several homemade goods have been produced, like dried applies, jelly, apple syrup, apple butter, as well as pies, crumbles, and the famous day fresh apple muffins.

In 2003, Nathalie Gervais became the owner. The quality of the apples, the delicious muffins and the warm service remained a priority. In 2005, the idea of a maze in a corn field came forth and in 2006 a theme and a fundraiser were associated with this wonderful activity. The yearly mazes are created with a great deal of pleasure, always with an eye towards the discovery of other cultures and humanitarian projects.

In 2011 and 2012, new installations were added to the Labonté Orchard, thus insuring superior service to its clients: new offices for the employees and larger kitchens to allow a greater production of transformed goods, and in a more suitable environment.

The Orchard is now well known for its apple and pumpkin picking during weekends or for weekly groups, for delicious apple muffins and other homemade products, for the grand adventures of its corn mazes, and for the warm welcome of its dynamic team. (easy with such a name!)

To create an environment where body, soul and spirit can replenish and refuel in order to foster wellbeing around the world.


The Labonté Orchard is an innovative orchard that works toward the production and transformation of apples in an ecological manner while offering educational activities in harmony with the Earth and its wealth.


Interdependency between humans and the Earth
Respect of the individual and the environment
Team spirit
Ecological and responsible process
Outward view of the world
Involvement in the community
To cultivate wonder in everything!